You followed the recipe to a T. But in hopes of making the dish more palatable, you added one more pinch of salt without first sampling your work.

The first bite would be your last.

What would have been a perfect combination of ingredients has become hard to swallow.

Minimalism is not the lack of something, but the perfect amount of it. Minimalist design often echoes the mantra of beauty and functionality combined.


Minimalist kitchen designed by Kristin Okeley, Kitchens by Design


Minimalist kitchen designed by architects Callum Fraser and Zahava Elenberg of Elenberg Fraser. Source: designmilk

Aesthetically, minimalism is often characterized by entirely black and white spaces. But it can be so much more. 

In ways, minimalist design challenges us to make the most of what we have. Maybe, more accurately, we should call it maximalism. A movement towards the combination of non-tradition materials is becoming is apparent.


Source: Pinterest

Certainly, simplicity begins in the mind. Over-thinking can lead to unnecessary clutter. And many of our greatest ideas come to us when we aren’t thinking.

Take for example, Jin Il Park who created this steel chair inspired by his own line drawings.



Steel chair by Jin Il Park. Source: designmilk

In at least one area of our lives we can afford less. And less can mean so much more.

Always, KBD