It’s quite the dreary day here in Indianapolis.

But grey isn’t always depressing.


Architecture-inspired prints from graphic designer María Rut Dýrfjörð

These icy geometric prints nod at the imposing architectural styles of Guðjón Samúelsson. These would sit well against a yellow velvet sofa.


Emily Chair for Färg & Blanche

This quilted beauty makes me short of breath. The details are well thought out but come across as effortless, comfortable and classic. I want you, Emily.



First of all, minimalism. Second of all, a grey accent wall. Thirdly, a SUEDE accent wall. Instead of experimenting with color to add richness and interest to a room, the difference can be in the mixing fabrics.

That’s the Slate of the Union, this Friday.


Erin Stevens for KBD