Leather has always been somewhat of a sultry fabric. But it’s never been a very breathable one.  Here’s to continuing to smolder this summer without suffocating.

Photographer Candice Lake caught fashion editor, Taylor Tomasi Hill, looking effortless and sexy in Paris. Donning this leather dress with a cinched waist, Hill looks put together and still breezy. The absent sleeves and the skirt length and shape, leave breathing room to pull off this look in the summer sun.


Photo via Candice Lake

Leather shorts make looking put together so simple. A plain, loose white tee makes for a chic day look. The juxtaposition of soft fabrics and harder leather creates interest. Choose a breathable cut for an airy sophistication.  


Photo via The Fashion Latte

Even in the summer heat, a change of hue can make a difference. If the sun is beating down and you still want your outfit to look bohemian chic, try a camel colored leather. You’ll attract less rays and more notice. This jacket is sexy-cool and has some extra fringe benefits.


Photo via Fashion Tag

If you’re absolutely overcome with warmth, ditch the sleeves and opt for a enticing vest. There’s no easier way to look like you just care enough.


Photo via Trop Rouge 

If there is one thing Mirte V. knows, it’s how to simmer in leather heels. These pointed, strappy beauties turn this super relaxed outfit into a fashion focused ensemble.


Photo via Mirte V. at lookbook.nu

Leather used in the home can be as versatile, seasonally. Use leather as much for its physical nature as you do for its aesthetic appearance.

Keep leather in the shadows as much as possible so it provides a cool place to rest indoors, even if this means rearranging your room. Keeping it out of the direct sun will also keep it from fading and cracking. 

This camel Barcelona Chair by Iconic Interiors is sexy, sophisticated and a color that works well with the changing seasons.


Whichever way you style it, this product of mother nature (as all of her creations) will remain a classic.


Erin for KBD