Everyone loves Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. And we do too.

Today, we’re showing love for these guys that make life (as a designer) that much cooler.

For your news: Flipboard

iPhone: http://ow.ly/v7n8M   Android: http://ow.ly/v7mTE

While some sit ritualistically in front of the TV for the 6 o’clock news, many of us designers haven’t even thought about dinner. Flipboard is a fully customizable news feed that collects top stories from whatever world we choose.

Whether it’s relevant design, fashion, tech or music, Flipboard allows you to read all your news from one app, because who needs more tabs?


For your music: Spotify

iPhone: http://ow.ly/v7nh3   Android: http://ow.ly/v7mOo 

Every designer has their jam. This player has everything and recently became mobile. It advises about upcoming concerts and has a pretty sophisticated artist suggestion feature to keep things fresh and inspiring.


For your productivity: Sunrise

iPhone & iPad: http://ow.ly/v7npl 

With 20 different schedules changing rapidly, our saving grace is Sunrise. As soon as we add a field measure, a staff meeting or a birthday, everyone is informed. It’s a beautiful, easy calendar sharing app we love.


For your visuals: Adobe Photoshop Express

iPhone: http://ow.ly/v7nyr   Android: http://ow.ly/v7mxf 

In an increasingly visual and even more quickly moving space, Adobe Photoshop Express helps to enhance snapshots for use on social media. It has a wider and better selection of filters than Instagram and Snapseed and doesn’t make you crop your photos into a little square.


For your romance: How About We for Couples

Web app: couples.howaboutwe.com

We can’t speak for the dating site half of How About We, but the web app for couples redefines date planning. It’s kind of like a Groupon for dates. Just put in your zip code and you’ve got all the date ideas you’ve overlooked.


For your transportation: Uber

iPhone: http://ow.ly/v7nEz    Android: http://ow.ly/v7maB 

Indy isn’t really known for its stellar public transportation. And nothing has ever made us want to jump in a stranger’s mysterious black car more than Uber. This ride-sharing app makes it simple to find a reliable ride in the city, avoids the need for cash and lets you split the fare with a friend. Pure awesome.


For your brain break: 2048

iPhone: http://ow.ly/v7lTN  Android: http://ow.ly/v7m0h 

Welcome to a game more addicting than Candy Crush. When your brain needs a break, 2048 doesn’t let it go completely limp; there is still simple math involved. Just take our word for it—you’re hooked.


Download these and power your pocket.